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River Group PhotoJune 2014 Altamaha Oydssey crew after a day of paddling.

Flint River Odyssey: July 7-16, 2017

Every square foot of land has a story. The little patch of ground under your feet in this moment has been part of many different landmasses, has probably once been under the ocean. It has been home to thousands of animal and plant species you wouldn’t recognize, and has been home to people whose faces and names you’ll never know. That land has probably been the subject of treaties, has had maps made of it by men who would never walk it. The land you stand on now has changed somebody’s fortune, and somebody’s fortune has changed that land. In every place, in every moment, we are exploring the frontier.

On this summer’s trip, we’ll be camping, canoeing, and finding amazing places to explore on the longest free flowing river in Georgia. This year’s curriculum will focus on developing tools to help ourselves, our communities, and even the places we love thrive during tough times. We’ll do this, as usual, exploring art, natural and human history, cultural geography, and whatever else seems like it’s going to help understand ourselves and the world better.

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