For Parents

Learning was immediate–it was right there in front of me. Learning about plants, animals, birds, stars–everything–was visual, tactile, auditory, and involved some sort of moving around. There were no times I was bored. All the instructors’ enthusiasm made their special fields interesting to learn about.

–Iva, Altamaha Odyssey Bartram Fellow, June 2014

Give your child the chance to make friends for life!

Why send your child on a Fall Line South course?

First and foremost, it’s fun! It’s a chance for your child to unplug for a little while, to make lasting friendships, and to learn by exploring the natural world.

Secondly, Fall Line South is committed to academic excellence. All of our instructors have or are currently pursuing graduate degrees in fields ranging from art and writing to ecology and philosophy, and all have successful teaching experience in both traditional classroom and non-traditional education settings.

Although we cannot yet offer academic credit for our courses, we believe that your child’s participation in a Fall Line South course provides the following advantages:

  • Exposure to a wide range of disciplines he/she may want to study in college;
  • Development of interpersonal skills crucial to success in college and beyond;
  • Demonstration on college applications and resumes of your child’s motivation and active participation in creating his or her own education.

We also believe – and are bolstered by a growing body of research – that outdoor, experiential education provides a wealth of benefits, including positively impacting a student’s critical and creative thinking skills, as well as overall health and well-being. For more information about our approach to whole-self education, please read about our Philosophy.

We hope you find all the information that you need to make the choice for Fall Line South here on our website. You might especially want to check out our FAQ page. Please Contact Us with any other questions you have, and thanks for considering Fall Line South as part of your child’s educational journey!


A Fall Line South classroom.