For Students

This was really a life-changing experience.

–Sullivan, Altamaha Odyssey Student, June 2014

If you’ve made it here, then we’re guessing you’re itching to get outside. Or maybe you have a wide variety of interests that all intersect with the natural world. Or maybe you’re just a little tired of sitting inside a classroom, and you want to learn about the environment by getting out in it. Or maybe you thought you had to go out West to experience the wilderness, and you couldn’t afford it. Whatever the reason, we’re glad you’re here!

Why Come to Fall Line South? 

For starters, it’s fun. You get to spend time outside with a group of smart, adventurous, creative people, away from the pressures and stresses of normal life.

On top of that, you’ll learn a lot — which is great by itself, and also looks mighty impressive on a college application or resume by showing that you are self-motivated, taking initiative with your own education. Your Instructors are not only experts in everything from art to ecology to philosophy, but are also just nice people who are excited to share their love of the outdoors, the Southeast, and life in general with you. You’ll experience the joys of an experiential, interdisciplinary education — which will also come in handy in college and on your career path.

And last but not least, you’ll make friends with folks who share your interests, and be part of the Fall Line South community!

To read about the last summer’s inaugural Fall Line South course, Altamaha Odyssey: Nature and Culture in the Wilds of Georgia, visit our Course Archive. If you’re ready to get a better feel for what your time at Fall Line South will be like, check out the Packing List. And feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions!


June 2014 Altamaha Odyssey students and instructors–third day on the river and still smiling!